I wandered in the empty streets of the city listening to the void and silence in the far distance, wonderfully quiet, the bright lights reflected by the white houses shining on my face.

Fiery and shining eyes peeked through an open window. As I moved on, it retracted its footsteps and I heard the sound of shoes clicking on a wooden floor and the sound of a dangling shoulder bag. I walked in to find some objects representing the world set on a table and lit by a round-headed being. As I walked across seven rooms and found on every door a strange-looking object representing a sin, a shiver ran up my spine: a raging dragon looked me straight in the eye like the guardian of a unique, celestial space, yet its lack of colour was admirably soothing. Unusual shapes hung from the ceiling, like capsules containing everything, or simply nothing at all. A beam of light entered through the roof and shone on a frenzied cat. Three different shapes stood out in one of the corners of the room, as if being punished. They didn’t belong to this world. Too much colour. A lit candle, a slightly open box, a creased figure filled with irregular bubbles held a large bouquet of white roses. I turned around and saw my own reflection on the mirror. My skin was white, my hair was white, and I was dressed in white. I ran anxiously outside wanting to shout from the top of my voice …EVERYTHING IS WHITE. Uma voz ouviu-se e simplesmente disse…VIVE O SONHO!

The success of the BYFLY collections, where decoration is culture, original creativity and tradition, lies in our ability to detect and adapt them to rapidly changing trends and the constant design of new pieces to satisfy customers' wishes. Clay takes center stage and is brought back to life in new forms and combinations, the result of research and experience, aesthetics and experimentation, a mix of past and future in a new brand. With collections that bring tactile tales to life in ceramics and copper, BYFLY's shapes inspire symbolic universes that are subtle, seductively charged, where clay becomes carefully crafted or winding around innovative lines.